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The Latest Trends In Boat Interior Design

Posted by Marie Riley 25/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

Like most things, boat interior design trends are continuously evolving. Those who enjoy taking their boat out on the water regularly, prefer their motorboat to be a ‘home away from home’.


Practicality is important. The interior features of a boat should always be well-designed and meticulously engineered. But there is more to boat interior design than practicality. Boating enthusiasts aim to have a boat that is on-trend and personal to them.


If you are a boat manufacturer, designer, or a stockist or supplier of boating accessories, you should be stocking the best accessories to keep up to date with the latest trends.


Similarly, if you own a boat rental company, you should be going the extra mile to ensure that each of your motorboats is designed and decorated with the latest boat interior design trends in mind. This is sure to get you one step ahead of the competition.


In this blog, we are going to outline the latest trends in boat interior design.



Splashes Of Colour


When it comes to boat interior design, the days of neutral décor and boring accessories have long gone. People are now choosing to personalise their boats by adding splashes of colour, usually to the galley and berth of the boat.


Your customer may be looking for a kitchen unit that is bright and colourful. Or they may be in the market for boat upholstery such as foam cushions, seat covers and curtains that have stylish patterns and a splash of colour.



Creative Storage Is A Key Trend In Boat Interior Design


Storage is incredibly important on boats and other mobile vehicles. Boat owners or customers renting a boat want to live comfortably whilst they are on board. Boat’s should be clutter-free with an abundance of clever storage solutions fitted within the boat’s existing furniture and interiors.


When re-decorating their boat, or preparing their boat for an upcoming trip, boat owners may want to add additional storage to the interior of their boat. Perhaps there is space beneath the bed for an extra cupboard, or perhaps the inside of the kitchen cupboard doors could be fitted with racks.


To keep up with the latest trends and stay one step ahead of your competition, you should ensure that you have the latest fittings, features and accessories to create practical and creative storage solutions.


This may include tambour doors, wall rails, door mounted storage racks or cupboard door handles. Practical and creative storage solutions could also be great upselling products.



More Windows Or Bigger Windows


As boat design evolves, more emphasis is being put on windows. Some larger motorboats and yachts even have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. Now, we’re not saying your customer is going to want or be able to fit panoramic windows in their boat (or maybe they are!), but they may be looking to swap their current windows for larger ones.


Having a wealth of natural light has been a trend for some time in home interior design. This trend has now caught on in the world of boating.


Your customers may be looking to adopt this trend in their very own vessel by replacing the old windows for new windows or by having larger windows fitted. Those who enjoy longer trips on their boats will appreciate the open, light feel that large windows provide in a small space.



Natural Materials Are A Huge Trend In Boat Interior Design


Natural materials are another home interior design trend that has also become a trend in boat interior design. The rise of natural materials could simply be an interior design trend that will eventually give way for something new. But it’s more like that the rise of natural materials is due to the focus that is rightfully being placed on the environment.


Organic materials that can be recycled and are far less harmful to the environment are growing in popularity as people aim to do their bit for the environment.


When it comes to boat interior design, boat owners are swapping out their in-organic materials such as plastic for natural materials such as wood.


As well as being on-trend and good for the environment, natural materials are incredibly durable and amazing quality. They will also give the décor and interior a textured look.



Can Fennel UK Help You?


Here at Fennel UK, we have been supplying tradespeople across the world with quality motorboat handles since 2001. We have an inspirationally designed, meticulously engineered and beautifully finished range of boat and marine handles.


Most of our motorboat handles feature a specifically engineered push button component. This allows the cupboard door or drawer to stay securely shut, even in rough waters.


If you are interested in stocking any of our products or have a question about anything else, get in touch with us on sales@fenneluk.com.


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