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Why Are Tambour Kitchen Units So Popular?

Posted by Marie Riley 09/07/2019 1 Comment(s)

Tambour kitchen units are now a staple of many modern kitchens. They are also increasingly popular in the kitchen area of caravans, mobile homes and campers etc. In this blog, we are going to look at why tambour kitchen units are so popular.


What Is A Tambour Kitchen Unit?

Most people know what tambour is once they see it, although they may not know the exact name for it. We see tambour doors in various environments without realising, including caravans, kitchens, offices and even on airplanes.


A tambour kitchen unit is a unit with a door made from thin wooden or stainless steel slats, which are mounted to a flexible backing. A tambour door slides upwards or horizontally to open rather than opening outwards. Tambour doors which slide horizontally can be used on bends offering a useful solution to awkward kitchen corners.


Benefits Of Having Tambour Kitchen Units


Tambour kitchen units are becoming very popular and most kitchen manufacturers are stocking a range of tambour doors and units. A tambour kitchen unit offers a functional yet elegant solution. There are numerous benefits of tambour doors and units, both in the kitchen and in other spaces:


Tambour Kitchen Units Save Space


Homeowners opt for tambour kitchen units when designing their new kitchen as they are great for saving space. Because the door slides open and shut rather than opening outwards, a tambour kitchen unit can turn a small space into a helpful storage facility. Tambour kitchen units are also great for protecting electrical equipment or disguising in-built appliances such as boilers.


Make Use Of Awkward Spaces


Most kitchens have a couple of awkward spaces here and there. Whether it’s the rounded edge of a kitchen island or a tight corner; a tambour kitchen unit can be designed and made to fit. Because the rolling door opens completely, homeowners have full access to the cabinet and won’t struggle to get items in or out of it.


Add Texture To The Room


Tambour kitchen units are also great for adding texture to a kitchen. They work particularly well in modern, contemporary kitchens or industrial-looking kitchens. Tambour kitchen units are also popular amongst professional kitchens in restaurants and hotels etc. as they provide plenty of space and always looks great.


Other Uses Of Tambour Doors

Tambour units are not just beneficial in kitchens. They are also great in pantries, caravans, boats, motorhomes, offices and even bedrooms. And they can be designed in a range of colours as well as various materials.


Tambour door kits are also available, which allow a regular cabinet to be transformed into a tambour unit. These are particularly beneficial when converting a space. For example, if a van is being converted into a camper or if the space under the stairs is getting converted into a storage facility. No space is too awkward or small for a tambour door system.


Lockable tambour units can also be beneficial. These provide extra security to any environment and are great for business premises. For example, a small space can be transformed into lockable cabinets for staff members to keep their personal belongings in.


Or a locked tambour unit can be used within an office which stores sensitive information. Lockable tambour kitchen units work well when storing cleaning products, particularly if there are young children in the home.


Can Fennel UK Help You?


Here at Fennel UK, designing, manufacturing and supplying roller tambour shutter doors for general and specialist use is what we do.


Our Modular Tambour Door Systems are a combination of inspired design and clever engineering, providing functional yet elegant solutions. Equally suited to space limited environments, our systems can be used in a variety of rooms and applications. We also offer tambour door kits and lockable tambour door units.


As well as tambour solutions, we design and provide high-quality door handles, push-button catches and folding kitchen cabinet legs. If you work within the kitchen manufacturing industry or any other trade which could benefit from stocking tambour door systems, get in touch with Fennel UK.


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I guess you are right, I might have seen it but not sure what it is called. I like the look of a tambour door with its handleless design. Great design!

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