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Our Revolutionary New Inset Door Handles

Posted by Marie Riley 20/02/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Here at Fennel UK, we have already built a solid reputation for great quality door handles and problem-solving design. We now hope to cement that reputation with our innovative new inset door handles. Read on to find out more about the product, why we developed it and its various applications.



Stylish & Practical - Our New Inset Door Handles


Always fast to respond to customer demand, our team noticed an increase in the requests for inset door handles. Our team got to work straight away and after many months at the drawing board, we’ve come up with a fantastic product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it met our rigorous testing too and is very practical.




Where Can Inset Door Handles Be Used?


The new inset door handles are a response to two external factors; the trend for handleless cabinet doors and the demand for flat handles in tight spaces.


From an aesthetic perspective, our new handles look stylish on a range of doors, cabinets or draws.


The ‘Scandinavian’ trend for minimal, functional furniture and interiors shows no sign of going away and if that particular style is what you hope to achieve, our inset handles certainly look the part.


Especially on kitchen cabinets; the inset door handles offer a sleek minimalist look yet remain useful for doors that wouldn’t function without a handle, such as pan drawers or pull out doors.


Also, in line with the Scandi trend, plus the popularity of industrial looking fixtures, our inset handles are available in a beautiful matt black finish. For a brighter look, we also offer a stainless-steel finish.


Our inset door handles are a versatile handle option for areas where a sliding door is needed, or space is very limited – this is because they sit flush against the door/cabinet surface, causing no nasty snags when you walk past or on other parts. This is useful in spaces like caravans or other small living spaces.



Fennel Inset Door Handle Benefits


As mentioned, we’ve tested our new handles in a variety of situations to ensure that the design is practical and easy to use.


The flat surface of the handle is easy to clean and is built to be robust so is suitable for even the most used doors, drawers or cabinets.


We designed the smooth surface to be just the right width to ensure it is comfortable to the touch when opening a door – you might not think this is important until you encounter a badly designed handle! Even the biggest and clumsiest of hands will be safe with our inset handles.



Product Specifications


Available in two sizes (96mm and 192mm) and two finishes (matt black and stainless steel) our new inset door handles are aimed at cabinet manufacturers (or anyone who is good at DIY!) as they require a recess in the surface that they are to be applied to.


Our current range of inset handles are designed for doors or drawers that are between 18-22mm thickness.


For further specification details, click on the individual links below.


Inset handle 96mm – Matte Black

Inset handle 192mm – Matte Black

Inset handle 96mm – Stainless Steel

Inset handle 192mm – Stainless Steel



Ready to Buy?


We are pleased to say that our new inset door handles are available to buy now. Use the links above to find the products. Or, if you have any questions about handles, then please don’t hesitate to email us at sales@fenneluk.com


Otherwise, feel free to browse our products. If you don’t have one already, create an account on our website. When you register with us you will be able to see our prices, which will really drive home our balance of quality and cost-our value.


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