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Greener Camping is becoming more popular

Posted by Marie Riley 16/08/2022 0 Comment(s) Industry News,

More and more these days ‘sustainability’ and the need to be conscious of our impact on the environment are becoming hot topics of conversations, so we wanted to throw the spotlight on a couple of ‘GREEN’ topics that caught our eye and our attention recently.

In 2015, 4 friends who also happened to be campsite owners with a shared passion for sustainability formed the ‘Greener Camping Club’ for camping holidays with a minimal impact on the environment. Now with over 140 campsites signed up to the club they are not just ensuring that each campsite is part of an environmentally conscious driven effort, they also have undertaken the initiative to plant a tree for every member enrolment. To date they have planted over a whopping 32, 000 trees with almost 14,000 of the trees planted by campsites in 2021 alone. They are also on track for similar numbers for 2022. Not only does this compliment the whole greener movement, it also highlights just how much of an upturn is happening in the camping industry, with more landowners/farmers turning acres into campsites to accommodate the rising demand of campers seeking eco friendly greener camping.

The ‘Greener Camping Club’ is authorised to 'certificate' campsites which means landowners can operate their campsite lawfully, without recourse to planning permission, or a campsite licence (something that is often impossible to achieve in rural locations)  You can read more by visiting their website at https://www.greenercamping.org/ 



Exciting innovations are coming out of The Netherlands, with the introduction of an ‘Electric Camper’. VDL Bus & Coach Venlo in collaboration with Camperfixx as the distributor, are introducing a 4-to-5-person electric pop top campervan with a range of between 250-330 km’s. Fast charging and with energy generated by the braking system the campervan itself will provide ample interior storage space, featuring all the creature comforts of a regular diesel/normal campervan.


In 2023 plans are to release a further development of the camper which will be hydrogen-powered. The H2-Fixxter XXL will be a motorhome that provides a feeling of freedom and possibilities being used as a normal vehicle and commuting to work during the week, before becoming the family camping & leisure vehicle at weekends.Looking likely to have the ability to carry the family sports & camping essentials,  H2-Fixxter XXL will allow for short adventurous trips.  


Refuelling the H2 Fixxter will be quick, taking an estimated 3 minutes for the H2 tanks to be full again. With the number of hydrogen filling stations increasing rapidly across the Netherlands the French government have announced plans to invest 8 billion euros in their hydrogen economy. Whilst at this time these are initiatives taking place in Europe only we think it is only a matter of time until similar steps are taken globally.  For more information visit: https://fixxter-com.translate.goog/elektrische_camper/?_x_tr_sl=nl&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc