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Caravan Park Owners Stay Prepared For The Post Summer Surge

Posted by Marie Riley 03/09/2019 0 Comment(s)

Although there are millions of parents across England that will glad to have finally reached the end of the marathon that is the Summer Holidays, for many people the holiday season is just starting.


So, this week we will be having a look at all the preparation need to keep caravans maintained and working properly in our blog post: Caravan Park Owners Stay Prepared For The Post Summer Surge.

image of dirty caravan park for caravan park owners from Fennel Uk, wholesale retailer of caravan door handles

Changes In Holiday Seasons


A combination of changes in climate, Brexit and austerity have seen a slight shift in the way the people take their holidays.


The effects of climate change have meant the once clearly defined seasons are now blurred. This year we had a heatwave in January and 2 weeks of rain in August.


So, the holiday season is now spread out throughout the year and outside of the normal school summer holidays.


The uncertainty over Brexit has seen the value of the pound falling at record levels and as a result, the cheap holidays in Spain and France are now much more costly.


The possibility of leaving the European Union without a deal may mean that the supply chain of products to the UK could be disrupted, so it is probably a good idea to stock up on any products now as they may not be available after the 31st October.


All of the above has seen the rise in popularity of the Staycation, where instead of travelling abroad, people are deciding to holiday in the many beautiful locations across the U.K.


Which everything costing a little bit more than it used to these days, people are also looking to save money on expensive hotels and look for more flexible holiday options such as caravanning.


So, for caravan park owners, now is the perfect time to do the preparations to keep their caravans up and running all year round.


Keeping Caravans At Their Best All Year Long


It used to be the case that, come September, most caravan sites would slow down as the general public went back to work until the Christmas break.

iamge of nice caravan park for caravan park owners from Fennel Uk, wholesale retailer of caravan door handles

These days people are much more likely to book a holiday out of season (as there doesn’t seem to be one season anymore) so it is very important that caravan park owners don’t let them get run down or start to look a little bit tired and shabby.


First Impressions Count


There’s nothing worse than arriving at a holiday destination to see a caravan that has been neglected and in need of some attention. It could look like a 5-star hotel on the inside but the holiday will be forever tainted by that first impression.


Specialist caravan cleaning products will ensure that caravans will still look brand new and shiny at all times. These products will also protect the different materials that are used on the exterior of caravans.


There a lot of products to choose from so the good people at Caravenhelper.co.uk have compiled a list of the best caravan cleaners that should help people get the best value for money.


Caravan park owners can often get discounted prices when buying in bulk, so stocking up on the best cleaning products now could have the added benefit of cost savings.


Keeping The Caravan In Good Working Order


Keeping a caravan clean and working properly is vital of course to ensure the smooth running of a caravan park.


Do the exterior and interior handles work? With several guests and families using caravans all year long, handles can easily suffer from wear and tear.


Here at Fennel, we pride ourselves on always supplying innovative products that are designed for ease of use and longevity.


You can see the wide range of caravan handles and accessories in our brochure here.


As with cleaning the outside of a caravan, specialist cleaning products should be used so that any seals in the bathroom or kitchen aren’t worn or damaged. So, it’s a good idea to stock up now to ensure that they don’t run out in the Autumn or Winter.


Any bedding or materials used should always be fresh, clean and look new. By stocking up on spare sheets and curtains, caravan park owners won’t get caught out having to hurriedly find replacements that may not be of a high standard.

image of caravan park for caravan park owners from Fennel Uk, wholesale retailer of caravan door handles

Caravan Gas Supplies


As most caravans rely on gas for their heat, making sure there is a supply of replacement canisters on-site means that retailers won’t have to let caravans get cold, especially if vacant during winter weather.


We hope that all of this information will be useful to help caravan park owners stay prepared for the post-summer surge.


Can Fennel UK Help You?


Here at Fennel, we have been supplying high quality and innovative caravan handles and accessories since 2001 so if you would like to speak to us about our range of products please call us on 01282 871806, email us at sales@fenneluk.com or contact us via our online contact form here.

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