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Catching the Summer Buying Trend With Caravan and Horsebox Door Handles

Posted by Marie Riley 30/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

Summer is nearly here and if the predictions are anything to go by, it’s going to be another scorcher. With the weather warming up, people want to get outdoors more and utilise their caravans, boats or horseboxes.

After a long winter in storage, a couple of repairs may have to be done and people are generally looking to refresh their equipment. This means that now is the ideal time for stockists to ensure they have plenty of supplies for customers wanting to make those spring and early summer repairs.


Don’t miss out on the chance to supply your customers with top quality caravan door handles or tambour doors.


Fennel has been supplying both trade customers and the public with quality fixtures and fittings for a long time, below are some the products we can supply to help you keep up with customer demand this year.


Caravan Door Handles and Tambour Doors


Caravan owners will be rejoicing in the lighter evening and rising temperatures now. It’s time to get the caravan out of storage and plan this year’s trips. Before they are ready for their travels, owners will be looking to get around to fixing all those little things in their caravans that they’ve meant to do all winter!


This includes broken caravan door handles or tambour doors that may not be as smooth as they once were.


Older tambour doors can often become faulty, especially if they are poor quality models. No such problems with our quality tambour door kits. Take a look at our selection of caravan tambour doors. We also stock a range of other parts such as stylish caravan door handles.


Our range of latching handles and accessories are designed especially for the Caravan and RVs and are designed to secure doors and drawers whilst in motion.


Download our caravan, RV, equestrian and boat brochure to see some of our other products for leisure vehicles, such as tube profile systems, door hooks and shelf brackets.


Secure Horsebox Handles


Horseboxes tend to be used year-round but more frequently during the summer months when there are lots of horse shows and events to for horse owners to attend. Increased use may bring repairs that need making to attention or owners may simply need a more reliable and secure product for their horsebox.


Our specialist horsebox handles, and door mechanisms are designed to be used on moving vehicles – a horsebox door flying open when you don’t want it to could be a disaster.


Our sleek profile coat hooks are also ideal for horseboxes, offering a place to hang tack and rugs, without the risk of a bulky hook causing injuries to horses or horsebox owners.


Kitchens Cabinet Handles


For anyone not off on their travels this summer, home renovations may be the order of the day. If you manufacture or sell kitchen cabinets and drawers, then you will know that this is a busy time of year for the home renovations market.


Ensure that you are fully stocked with quality products for your customers to choose from when it comes to home improvements.


Fennel is known for great quality door handles, that includes kitchen cabinet handles that exude style and quality.


Our kitchen door handles are manufactured to the highest specifications and come in a huge range of styles and finishes. From traditional to contemporary, our kitchen door handles can also be used in other settings around the home, bedroom furniture handles, for example.


Contact Fennel


If you want to keep up to date with the products your customers want, get in touch for advice and product enquiries on 01282 871806.


Alternatively, you can buy caravan door handles, horsebox handles and kitchen and bathroom handles, directly from our web store.


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