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Which Cabinet Handles Are Popular In Van Conversions?

Posted by Marie Riley 28/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

Van conversions are really popular right now, so stocking the right cabinet handles to help you jump on the craze could see an increase in your profits.


In this blog we will look at the most popular types of van conversions and give you an idea of the sorts of cabinet handles you could be stocking.


The Van Conversion Craze


People have been converting vans to live and work in for as long as there have been vans. Nomadic living isn’t a new phenomenon, but it has certainly become more prevalent recently.


The economic crash in the mid-00s made it harder to buy a home (or anything else, for that matter) than ever before and so people started looking for alternative, cheaper ways to live and work.


Not only that, but people have become more aware of environmental issues (the kids call it being ‘woke’) and are eager to reduce landfill waste and manufacturing related carbon emissions. Repurposing has become big business.


Vans, trailers, and trucks are being converted into homes, coffee stalls, campers, mobile bars, and even beauty salons.


Each of these types of van conversions will want different cabinet handles, so having a range of a few will allow you to cater for several different types of customers.


Let’s have a look at some cabinet handles your potential customers might want for their van conversion.  



Retro Looking Cabinet Handles


For some people, a van conversion will be in response to longing for the hedonistic days of the 1960s, when people could move around from place to place, unencumbered by modern living.


Supplying a range of retro looking or unusual cabinet handles would go down a treat. Think chunky geometric shapes of the 1960s with these square bar handles.


Or go square with these petite, square knobs. Imagine a retro camber van with these delightfully neat and retro cabinet handles dotted around.

cabinet handles for van conversions blog

Practical Cabinet Handles for Van Conversions


Let’s be practical now. Many customers will be converting a van for business use and are going to want to protect their stock, whether that be bottles of gin or bottles of nail polish.


Lockable cabinets are a must.


This rectangular push lock handle set is sleek and easy to use. Plus, it is small enough to go one even the teeniest cabinet door. The smooth mechanism is easy to use an gives great physical feedback so your customers can be confident their cupboard is secure.


Or, for an overall contemporary look, these square this push button snap in handle set comes in brushed stainless steel with all the mechanisms and striker plate included. It is stylish and modern and will make sure your customer’s precious stock doesn’t get destroyed on mini roundabouts.



Space Saving Cabinet Handles


Whatever the use of the van conversion, there is going to be very limited space. The last thing your customers are going to want is to snag themselves on cabinet handles every time they turn around.

Slimline cabinet handles are essential.


Here at Fennel we not only manufacture cabinet handles, but we also engage in product development for our customers.


Recently we helped a client develop these gorgeous inset handles. These handles sit flush with the cabinet door and in their own recess, meaning there are no awkward handles to bump into and every inch is saved.


Maximising Profits On The Van Conversion Craze


Did you know that we don’t just do cabinet handles? We also manufacture tambour doors.


Tambour doors used to just be used in classrooms and offices, but more and more home builders are using them to create ‘appliance garages’.  


These are small recesses in which all the bulky worktop appliances can be stored. They are hidden behind a tambour door until they are needed. Then, the tambour door is rolled up and -hey presto! -the toaster is ready to go!


In tight spaces, such as a van conversion, an appliance garage will be an absolute god send.


Whether your clients are storing their household appliances for their camper, their bar tools for their mobile bars, or their hair dryers and straighteners for their mobile salon, an appliance garage will save the day!


The beauty of a tambour door is it rolls up into itself, meaning there doesn’t need to be the space that a traditional cabinet door needs to be able to swing open.


Have a look at our Tambour Door range here.


Want To Find Out More?


If you would like to have a look at our cabinet handles for van conversions, you can browse the range here. Create an account to see the prices-you won't believe the value.


Alternatively, if you want to speak to one of us, please email sales@fenneluk.com, give us a call on 01282871806

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