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How to Make a Prefab Building Unique

Posted by Marie Riley 23/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

Here at Fennel we supply door handles, accessories, and tambour doors to a huge range of builders, designers, and project managers, many of whom like the convenience and profit margins of supplying prefabricated buildings but worry that their customers will feel like they are getting a bog-standard offering.

If you are attracted to the convenience of prefab buildings but are worried they all look the same then we have some ideas on how to make a prefab building unique that might be the answer you are looking for.


The Benefit of Prefabricated Buildings


Prefab buildings are great for a variety of uses. Garden offices, workshops, houses, and even granny annexes of any size can be prefabricated these days.  Working to a standard footprint means fitting the components together becomes routine. This can hugely reduce overheads in terms of materials, and labour. Often this is an attractive solution for those looking for a cost effective option.

As this article points out, this is often at odds with what an architect is taught from day one at university-build around your client’s needs. But no client needs vague timescales or costings. Prefab buildings can remove that element of uncertainty that is often seen in building projects.

But, as just mentioned, many architects will shy away from the idea of a prefab building because they feel it is a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and in no way unique to the customer.

The introduction of largescale 3D printing will, in time, broaden the options available I the prefabricated building industry. But for now, making a prefab building unique ultimately comes down to the finish.


Unique Finishes for Prefab Buildings-Offering Choice


The cost effectiveness of a prefab building means that your customer might be able to spend a bit more on the finishing touches.

These could be big things, like the bathroom suite, or small things, like kitchen cupboard handles.

If you are looking to offer a range of finishes, a good idea is to give your clients six or seven options to choose from, usually from a preferred supplier.

One company who does this particularly well build prefab apartments to be used as accessible garden annexes. They allow their customers to choose from a handful of bathroom suites, tiles, floor finishes, wood stains, light styles, kitchen cupboards, and kitchen worktops.

The overall impression to the customer is one of endless customisation options, making the final result relatively bespoke.


Customising Your Own Range of Unique Elements for Prefab Buildings



If that sounds like a bit much you could consider offering a range of truly unique finishes in a smaller area, such as door handles.

Some suppliers are happy to design you a bespoke range. For example, here at Fennel we often work with construction specialists to design and manufacture a whole range of door handles and knobs, accessories and storage solutions.

If you would like to learn more about this, get in touch with us. We would be happy to talk through some options.

Another way you can offer customisation on a smaller scale is on the outside finishing.

For the social media generation, outward appearances are vital. You could consider offering a choice of colours for the exterior of your prefab building. External light fittings are another small thing that can be customised to make a prefab building unique.


Adding The Finishing Touches to a Prefab Building 



We always say the finishing touches are like herbs and spices; they enhance the final impression and you really notice their absence.

The finishing touches are the thing that are really going to set a boring prefab building apart from a unique prefab building.

For example, high quality cable tidies can make a real difference. There is a reason why interior design magazines never have any wires on show. They are ugly.

Invest in some decent accessories too, such as these high quality door hooks or shelf brackets.

However you do it, making a prefab building unique will come down to offering choice on the finish, rather than the footprint.


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