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Door Handles And Knobs For Trade Industries

Posted by Marie Riley 05/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

If you are looking for high quality door handles and knobs for trade, then you have come to the right place.


Most tradespeople know the value of buying through trade only distributers, such as Fennel UK; cost.


But finding a partner for building and interior supplies, such as door handles and knobs, should be about more than cost, it should be about quality, trust, and reliability, as well as variety.


So, what makes us the right choice for your trade door handles and cupboard knobs?


Who Are Fennel UK?


Fennel UK supplying trade door handles and knobs

Fennel UK have been supplying tradespeople across the world with door handles and knobs since 2001. We have a huge selection of door handles and knobs, as well as a range of other accessories, such as coat hooks, cable tidies, and fittings.


We are passionate about providing quality, value, and service to all our customers. What we are most proud of is the relationship we have with our clients. Having loyal and regular customers means we can pre-empt their needs, recommend products, and give them the service they can rely on.


We also think their loyalty is testimony to that service. We deliver on our promises every time. We are fair with our pricing, our quality can be relied upon, and you will never be waiting around for a delivery.


We are women who mean business!


Quality Door Handles and Knobs for Trade Industries


Over the years, we have expanded our service. We are flexible to the needs of our clients, and our design and development department means we can offer more to the building and design trades than most.


What's more, you won't find many of our products anywhere else.


We sell the usual kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cupboard door handles, but did you know we also sell unique Kitchen Cabinet legs, in the Samson folding leg? As one of our clients said,


‘With less downtime and breakages due to its folded position, this is the best cabinet leg and plinth system I’ve ever used.’ John Cothliff - Director - Moss Hall Kitchens


Kitchen fitters and house builders love it!

inamge in interior yacht for blog by Fennel UK on door handles and knobs for trade


We also sell and manufacture products for the leisure vehicle industries. We understand space is at a premium on boats and motorhomes, and horseboxes. Not only that, but the cupboards and doors need to be secure, with no chance of popping open.


And as many leisure vehicles demand a luxurious finish, we offer high quality, high functioning push-locks, fittings and door knobs for trade. You only need to hand in your hand to feel the quality. They are weighty in your hand, smooth, and easy to use.


Another product we are very proud of are our tambour doors. Tambour doors used to be notorious for having a short shelf life as the mechanism gave up with regular use.


But not our tambour doors! Designed and manufactured using notoriously excellent German engineers, we are confident they will work time, after time, after time.


When you order our tambour door kit, you receive several components, including 15.5mm slats, surface mounted inline tracks and 90-degree corner curves. Its all you need to disguise utilities, make storage space in small areas, or create stylish cupboard doors in leisure vehicles.


Design and Development

imange of door handle with locking mechanism for blog by Fennel UK on door handles and knobs for trade

If we don’t have the exact door handles and knobs you are after, or you have a particular problem to solve, then you need our design and development service.


We will work with you to identify your specific need, scope a solution, prototype it, and manufacture it. We use manufacturing methods such as injection moulding, plastic extrusion and die casting to get the new range you need.


Imagine being able to offer your customers an exclusive product that is high quality and built to last!


Whether you are in need of a specific style of handle to suit a customer’s requirements, or want a long obsolete design, we can help. We can even design your specific door handles and knobs for awkward spaces or particular types of wood.


Can We Help You?


If you are interested in talking to us about our design and development service, or have a question about anything else, get in touch with us on sales@fenneluk.com.


Otherwise, feel free to browse our products. If you don’t have one already, create an account on our website. When you register with us you will be able to see our prices, which will really drive home our balance of quality and cost-our value.


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