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Fennel: Experts In Our Field

Posted by Marie Riley 21/11/2018 0 Comment(s) Industry News,

We know that most businesses will tell you that they’re experts in their particular field, but here at Fennel UK it really is the truth. We are the UK’s premier experts in door handle manufacture, design and supply.


And don’t just take our word for it; our customers and associates, either in the UK or around the world will all tell you the same; we really do know our onions. Or our door handles, as the case may be.


Which is precisely why, if you’re looking for a UK based door handle supplier to work with, Fennel UK really should be the one for you.


Door Handle Experts For The Industry


If you’ve ever worked within the furniture and leisure industries, or within the manufacturing sector, possibly for a kitchen manufacturer or a horsebox manufacturer – basically, if you’ve ever had any dealings with any sector that designs and manufactures doors – then you’ll probably already be aware of the Fennel brand.



Fennel UK was established as a family firm in 2001 but was born out of the much larger and world-renowned company, the Fennel GmbH Group. The drive to strike out and forge a UK arm of this already well-respected business came from a passion for what Fennel did and stood for. The history of that name, and the way it is recognised and received around the globe, means a lot to us, still to this day.


Then, as now, our absolute focus for what we do on a daily basis is the wish to provide exceptional products and service to those within our industry.


Our customer service is second to none and our products speak for themselves; whether it’s the intelligence of the engineering, the design innovation or the quality of the end product, Fennel products are known throughout the industry to provide top notch quality and value for money.


And if by chance you need further convincing, simply look to the fact that Fennel UK are the UK’s exclusive agent for the German market leaders Agoform GmbH and BHK GmbH, plus we work closely with many other big name brands within the sector, a privilege that would not be granted were our credentials or reliability in doubt.  


Door Handle Experts For The Consumer


The knowledge that our staff have about our products and our sector is astounding, and they’re not afraid to share it either.


Every member of the team, whatever role they’re in, believes in the core values of the business and knows the details about every single aspect of it. Whether that be the provenance of a door handle (i.e. where it comes from and what it was designed for), the materials used to make it (is it aluminium or steel?), the method used to make the item (was it made using injection moulding or die casting?), the price or where it can be shipped to, each employee can give you the full low down if and when required.


You can just imagine how fun our Christmas do is, can’t you!?!



What does this mean for the end customer though? It means that, if you buy a Fennel UK door handle (or tambour door unit, or a door hook), whether you be a trade customer or a retail customer buying via one of our stockists, you can be sure of exceptional product knowledge and customer service.


And whether we’re selling you one kitchen cupboard door handle or 5000 handles for a caravan production line – or even whether we’re developing a bespoke handle just for your new cabinet door design – you will get the same level of knowledge and service from us, every time.


You see, when you buy from Fennel UK, you don’t just get a product shipped from a vast warehouse on the other side of the world, with no connection to the seller or the designer. Instead, you’re getting all our expertise and understanding in one single purchase. And if you need to pick up the phone and speak to a real human being to ask us a question, you can do.


Now you don’t get that from other online door handle specialists, or even most ecommerce sites, do you?!


Experts In More Than Just Door Handles


And let’s not forget, that Fennel UK are not just experts in door handles.


Thanks to other research and development projects in the past, or thanks to other projects we’ve been involved with, our product offering has branched out over the years.


In addition to all our door handles and associated accessories, Fennel UK are also suppliers of our unique tambour door kits. Sworn by some to be the best tambour doors available on the market today, our German design and precision engineering ensures that these tambour doors will provide the lasting quality and stability you need for your cupboard doors.



What’s more, our custom designed and manufactured kitchen cabinet folding leg leveller is a must for any kitchen manufacturer or kitchen designer and fitter wishing to provide a quality product to their customers. Our unique Fennel design and technology has enabled us to create a product that simultaneously solves a multitude of problems, ensuring you can provide the best for your customers in return.


To find out more about both the Fennel folding cabinet leg and the Fennel tambour door, you can visit our website.


Get In Touch


If you’d like to find out why Fennel UK might just be the perfect partner for you to work with, then please do get in touch with us. We’re always happy to speak to you about your design projects and can offer some great prices and service on all the handle and tambour door products you need.


You can contact us by phoning 01282 871806 or by dropping us an email at sales@fenneluk.com. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on the website and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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