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Revamp Your Caravan for Summer

Posted by Marie Riley 01/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

The summer is well and truly upon us now and the long August bank holiday weekend is fast approaching, which, for those of you with caravans or motorhomes, means only one thing; a weekend away!


Yes, whether you’ll be sticking in the UK for a staycation or hopping on a ferry for a bit of European exploration, it’s time to discard the dust sheets, get the caravan cleaned, pack a picnic and head off for some summer fun on the open road.


But, don’t forget, before you set off on your journey, be it long or short, you need to make sure that your caravan or motorhome is 100% ready, and that’s where Fennel UK comes in! 


Fennel are experts in designing, producing and supplying cabinet door handles for caravans and RV motorhomes, and we’ve been doing it for years now, so our name is well recognised within the industry.


Here we’ve put together some of the top questions we get asked by our clients looking for quality caravan handles and motorhome fittings, to help give you the answers you need to make sure your caravan is in tip top condition for the summer holiday season.


Why Do I Need To Renovate My Caravan or Motorhome?


Let’s admit it now; we love our caravans, don’t we? Here at Fennel we’re all keen caravaners ourselves, so we understand there is nothing like packing up your little home on wheels and setting off on your very own adventure. Where might we end up? Who cares! Everyone knows half the fun is in getting there.

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But no matter how much we love our caravans and those summer adventures they enable us to have, even the keenest of us only get out and about a handful of times a year. OK, the ‘keenest’ out there amongst you (or those most retired out there amongst you!) might get away every weekend, but most of us aren’t that lucky!


The result is that, for most of us, our caravans and motorhomes get parked and mothballed for a large chunk of the year. Many of them sit out on the drive in all weather, sometimes for months at a time, during the harshest seasons of the year.


What’s more, when they do get used, they’re often travelling long distances and are then ram-packed full of kids, animals, friends, family and all their associated luggage for those few blissful holiday weekends.   


What happens? Your beloved caravan – no matter how well you look after it – gets weary! The wear and tear on the fixtures and fittings is inevitable and the décor goes out of date, and the upshot is that you need to keep on top of it to make sure, every year, you’re looking after it the way it deserves to be looked after.


Why Choose Fennel For My Caravan or Motorhome Fittings?


As we’ve already said, here at Fennel we understand the humble British caravanner, because this is who we are.


Most of the Fennel team have a caravan or motorhome, whether it be a travelling one or a static holiday home, so this is a world we’re familiar with. And because of that, we care about it.


We understand that, when you’re travelling down the motorway with all your family, pets and gear loaded up, the very last thing you need is cupboard doors flying open and all your stuff going everywhere. We understand the space limitations, the design requirements, the things you need your caravan fittings to do and how you need them to perform.


And we’ve put all of that knowledge into our products, so whether we’ve designed and manufactured them ourselves or we’ve purchase them from our partner suppliers, you can be sure they’ll serve the purpose you need them to.  


What’s Special About Fennel’s Caravan and Motorhome Door Handles?


Because we know caravans and motorhomes so well, and because we’ve worked closely with caravan and motorhome manufacturers for many years now, we understand the needs of this sector inside out, which is why we’ve designed some clever features into our caravan door handles and motorhome fittings.

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On the one hand, our specialist Fennel catch system, which is renowned throughout the industry, is a positive catch system that has been specially designed to ensure interior cupboard doors and drawers stay firmly shut in transit, right up until the push button release mechanism is initiated. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing your stuff will stay firmly where it’s supposed to, even on those country roads with endless tight corners.


What’s more, to ensure noise reduction, we have designed an innovative soft close striker plate, made specifically for the mobile and leisure sectors. This provides a much quieter experience for caravan users, eliminating those annoying rattles and noises when the vehicle is in transit. Now, it doesn’t matter how many speed bumps, rumble strips or cattle grids you drive over, the interior of your caravan or motorhome will remain quiet and bearable.    


What Fixtures or Fittings Do Fennel Supply for Caravans and Motorhomes? 


Fennel have a large range of fixtures and fittings for caravans and motorhomes that are unique to us, hence can only be purchased direct from us. Plus, as we’ve already said, many of them have even been designed specifically for the mobile and leisure vehicle industry, so have the above unique design features in-built.


From cupboard door and drawer handles, to tambour door units that provide you with that much needed extra space for your cupboards, to handy hooks and nifty wall and shelf brackets, we’ve got all the fixtures and fittings you could ever need for the interior of your caravan or motorhome, all in one place.


Plus, all our products come ready to fit and can usually be fitted in minutes, and you don’t even need to be an expert to do it. In most cases, no extra knowledge or equipment is required, and many of our products come with all the bits and pieces you’d need to fit them quickly and with ease.


What If I Have Any Questions?


Naturally, however, should you encounter any problem at all with fitting your caravan handles or motorhome hooks, then Fennel are here when you need us.


The beauty of us is that we’re a small, friendly company – not a faceless organisation from the other side of the world – so you can pick up the phone and have a chat with us. In fact, you can literally ask us anything!


Alternatively, many of the instructions for fitting or suitability can be found on our website, so why not check them out there, and have a brose at our full catalogue of caravan and motorhome products whilst you’re at it?


Or, if you still have questions, simply give us a bell on 01282 871806, drop us an email at sales@fenneluk.com, or fill out the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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