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Cabinet Handle Designers UK

Posted by Marie Riley 08/01/2020 0 Comment(s)

If you are looking for experienced cabinet handle designers, look no further than Fennel UK. Established in 2001, we have almost two decades of experience delivering high quality, competitively priced furniture components including cabinet handles, cabinet legs and tambour doors.


Who Is Fennel UK?

Fennel UK is more than a cabinet handle designer. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of outstanding furniture fittings, which are in demand on a global scale.

Fennel UK originated from the world-renowned company, the Fennel GmbH Group. Since then, we have spent almost 20 years supplying exceptional products to the trade industry, among others across the UK, Europe and worldwide. And we have no intention of slowing down.

This family owned company is run by four women who mean business! Our team has a wide range of industry knowledge, skills and expertise and we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products that are perfect for every customer.

Fennel UK is a one-stop shop. Our team is responsible for every aspect of the design and development from the initial drawings, right through to manufacturing, testing and supplying. And whether the product is made using injection moulding, plastic extrusion or die casting, you can be sure that the quality is always top-notch.

image of cabinet handles from cabinet handle designers from the UK

Cabinet Handle Designers You Can Rely On

If you have worked within the trade industry, particularly for kitchen manufacturers, leisure vehicle manufacturers or furniture manufacturers, you may already know of Fennel.

Our innovative products are well-known throughout the industry for their high-quality and value for money. Aside from the excellence of our products, our customers also appreciate the personalised on-hand service they receive.

If a customer has a question, we are always available to chat over the phone. You don’t get that with other online retailers!

Fennel UK is also the UK’s exclusive agent for the German market leaders Agoform GmbH and BHK GmbH – a title we are proud to hold.


Who Do We Design For?

Our customers tend to be registered businesses within the trade industry, particularly within the furniture components industry.

We design and manufacture cabinet handles that are popular with kitchen designers and manufacturers as well as bathroom and bedroom manufacturers. Our online brochure features our range of products for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Aside from home furniture solutions, our innovative cabinet handles are also used within leisure vehicles including caravans, camper vans and RVs. In addition, our cabinet handles are used widely in horseboxes and even in boats.

Businesses within the leisure vehicle, equestrian and marine industries appreciate our range of latching handles and accessories that are designed to secure drawers and doors whilst a vehicle is in motion.

Plus, all our ‘Mobile Collection’ products are designed and manufactured to ISO accredited standards.


Our Innovative Product Range

Cabinet handles may be our forte, but we also design and supply other exceptional products.


Cabinet Handles

Handles are an extremely important finishing touch. Your customer is going to want the perfect handles on their cabinet, whichever room it’s in. The Fennel UK range of cabinet handles includes a wide choice of stylish options to suit a variety of home interiors.

From the sleek and stylish Chrome Bar Handle to the Tradition D Handles, we have something for everyone. Help your customer fall in love with their home again with our range of contemporary, high-quality handles.

When it comes to mobile and leisure vehicles, we believe that having a small space doesn’t mean you have to hold back on the details. Our cabinet handles are designed to look stylish whilst improving the user experience.

For example, our unique and industry-renowned Fennel ‘catch’ mechanism ensure interior cupboards and drawers stay firmly shut. Similarly, the ‘soft close’ striker eliminates door rattle and noise whilst a vehicle is in transit.

image of curved cabinet handles from cabinet handle designers in the UK, Fennel

Cabinet Legs

Our Samson Folding Cabinet Leg is a unique creation that offers a truly superior solution to manufacturing kitchen cabinets.

This cabinet leg is fully adjustable, and its folding design makes the installation of kitchen cabinets simple and faster. It also reduces the likelihood of damage in transit.


Tambour Door Kits

Our Tambour Door Systems are great for utilising space, creating handy storage compartments, protecting technical items and disguising build-in appliances.

Aside from the space-saving solution, your customers will love the sleek and contemporary style of the tambour doors.


Are You Looking For Reliable Cabinet Handle Designers In The UK?

Here at Fennel UK; designing, manufacturing and supplying unique fittings for general and specialist use is what we do.

If you are a designer or manufacturer with a customer who has a specific requirement for a bespoke cabinet handle, we can help.

Our specialist designers often assist our customers with bespoke requirements and we always look forward to hearing about your ideas.

As well as high-quality door handles, we design and provide push-button catches, tambour doors and folding kitchen cabinet legs.

If you work within the kitchen manufacturing industry or any other trade which could benefit from stocking cabinet handles, get in touch with Fennel UK.


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