Fennel UK Cabinet Accessories

Distributor of attractive accessory and design components to the furniture industry. Kitchen and Caravan cabinet accessories, metal and plastic handles, shelf brackets, carcass legs and Modular Tambour Door systems.

Kitchen cabinet accessories

Modular Tambour DoorModular Tambour Door

Where modern design and spirit of the times meet, the inclusion of elegant tambour door areas underline the flair of kitchen architecture.

Even-top cabinets with small tambour door areas, set interesting visual accents and provide kitchen designs with personal character.

In addition to the practical advantages of space utilisation, the design aspect is of particular interest. Elegant materials and surfaces, combined with elements matching the front shades, are used here.


Leading the way! Sleek, elegant, practical and easy to fit!

Modular Tambour doorsThe Fennel Tambour door is well established in kitchens for being both a functional and design element and is an ideal, perfectly matching way to close off storage compartments, or to protect technical items and in-built appliances.  

Available from stock in our comfort stainless steel finish, this is a metal effect stainless steel foil over a plastic profile.

The unique system designed by Fennel offers genuine added value to the home due to its effortless installation. Just 6 simple steps are needed to self assemble the Fennel Modular Tambour and then you’re done! It’s as simple as it is ingenious.

Download Tambour Door Fitting InstructionsThe Fennel Tambour door doesn’t just work for kitchens alone… it is equally ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and office environments, being proven in numerous applications through its strength, durability and optimal space utilisation.

You have the freedom of choice.


Caravan cabinet handles

Fennel Handles

Well known for our Contemporary designs, clear shapes and soft lines, high quality matt effects or high gloss surfaces – the Fennel range of handles opens up a wide range of design possibilities. 

The handles shown here are just a small selection from our programme and we offer a stock range that hosts a variety of shapes and sizes and surface finishing techniques including lacquering and electro plating. 

Our skilled toolmakers also enable us to implement ideas quickly and efficiently and we can of course turn your ideas and desired shapes into reality. 

So, if you really cannot find just what you want then Contact us as we can probably find the right solution for you.

Our dedicated staff and high quality processes guarantee that our products are all quality products, manufactured under strict observation of deadlines and to back that up ‘Certification to ISO9001’ confirms how much a high standard of quality and satisfaction to our customers means to us.

Caravan Cabinet Handles catalogue



Caravan and Mobile Home Handles & Accessories

This range of products has been especially designed to meet the unique demands of caravan and mobile home applications.

Fennel combines the secure locking of doors, cupboards and storage compartments with very convenient handling.

The Fennel 'Snap In' system locks by itself when the door/cupboard is closed and is opened again by pressing a button. The innovative 'soft close' brackets reduce noise upon closure.


Coat Hooks and Shelf Brackets

Shelf BracketCustomer requirements gave us the incentive - decorative and functional solutions are the result.

Butler Shelf Bracket

Practical and decorative design solutions from Fennel UK. Available in three, modern attractive finishes and as a packed set comprising 2 brackets and fixings, the ‘Butler’ Shelf Bracket is neatly designed for small shelving units.

With its 1.5mm to 23mm adjustment the Butler shelf bracket offers a load bearing capacity of 10kg.


Chelf Bracket 3Shelf Bracket 2

Linea Shelf Brackets

Available in three modern attractive finishes, neatly combining function and appearance, ‘Linea’ is available as a packed set comprising 2 brackets, fixings and an allan key for adjustment.

The Linea shelf bracket is suitable for boards and other materials of varying thickness from 8mm to 50mm and offers a load bearing of 16kg.



Coat Hooks

Stainless Steel Coat Hook

A functional accessory with front fixing installation, the Fennel coat hook with its neat design is available in an attractive Stainless Steel finish.


Nickel Coat HookNickel Matt EP Coat Hook

Combining function and appearance with its neat shape the coat hook is available in a high quality Nickel Matt Electro plate finish.

Top performance in implementation, quality in demand.

Other finishes available upon request.